Thought of the month

Sometimes we get caught up in thinking that this is the beginning of the new year and so we forget that it is also the season of epiphany.

Epiphany is centered around the visit of the magi, the wise men, to the infant Jesus. Though this is often rolled into the Christmas story, this happened sometime after the birth, perhaps even two years after, as the Greek word used in Matthew’s Gospel to describe Jesus was more often used to describe a toddler than a baby.

I find the story incredibly powerful because, within a few sparse lines, Mathew paints a picture of intrigue, political power grabs, state oppression and fleeing refugees. The magi, expecting a king to be born in a palace, went to the seat of power to witness greatness. Finding out that this was the wrong place and empty of wonder they were redirected to a very ordinary home well away from the great and powerful. The Gospel records that they had an encounter with the infant that meant that they fell on their knees in worship. They were then warned not to go back to the palace in Jerusalem and so they left a different way.

This Epiphany as we so often look to the powerful for answers we are reminded that God often comes amongst the ordinary and the forgotten. However, when we do meet him it changes the direction of our whole lives and we end up worshipping the God who became a refugee for our sake.

Mike Gilbert, Rector

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